Mediation (Conflict resolution/management) & Consulting

A consultation is suitable with regard to a general realignment, establishing views, and clarifying a life situation.

Mediation is suitable with regard to a concrete, deadlocked inner conflict with yourself or conflict with your fellow human beings. The aim is to develop understanding and experience limits and at the same time to be connected with one another, thus solving the problematic situation for all parties.

It is an advantage to have a mediator to clarify the conflict before things get to the point of breaking down the relationship with yourself or others completely.

The consultation/mediation focuses on:

On realising the currently most important basic needs of each person

On encouraging mutual understanding for each other

On initialising the feeling of being connected

On clearly implementing desired intentions, agreements

On establishing the appropriate strategies

On training with free interaction in conflict situations

The focus of my work is to support you in creating clear actions/living environments in relation to yourself and other people.

Price: CHF 144.-/60 Min

My motto: Listen to what you see and look at what is said. This means training in empathetic listening as well as understanding body language so that lost connections can be detected and avoided before it is too late.

In my mediation work, I am available for resolving conflicts in all possible variants of relationship types. (Parent-child, couples, work relationships, open romantic relationships, etc.)