May I present you Nauru! His my respectful helper in the work of  Traumareleas with my clients in my praxis.  As I'm often asked about his Name, breed and breeder, here some informations about this dog:

1. Nauru is a finish Name and means Smile/Laughter

2. Nauru is a Lapinkoira male dog. This breed is a reindeer herding dog. They are very empathic and community orientated dogs and not barking a lot.

3. There are some few breeders in Switzerland. I can recomend Paimenkoira from Helle Lemmich, Mainikka beana from Anne Staub-Kansanaho and Istas Tala Alessia Buchmüller. Both are very sympathic persons and very experienced breeders.

4. More Informations follow the Link:

Unfortunately its written in german. I'll look for some english pages...Informations will follow.