May I present you Nauru! His my respectful helper in the work of  Traumareleas. As I'm often asked about his Name, breed and breeder, here some informations about this dog:

1. Nauru is a finish Name and means Smile/Laughter

2. Nauru is a Lapinkoira male dog. This breed is a reindeer herding dog. They are very empathic and community orientated dogs and not barking a lot.

3. There are some few breeders in Switzerland. I can recomend Paimenkoira from Helle Lemmich, Mainikka beana from Anne Staub-Kansanaho and Istas Tala Alessia Buchmüller. Both are very sympathic persons and very experienced breeders.

4. More Informations follow the Link:

Unfortunately its written in german. I'll look for some english pages...Informations will follow.