About me

Sfin Grenacher

Studies (extract)

Short-term, solution-focused Mediator, Institut Marco Ronzani, Basel

Scooling Traumatherapy Somatic Experiencing, Polaritycenter Zurich, Weggis 

Study in non violent communication, Dr. R. Bänteli,(TE) Dr. M. Ronzani, Basel

Medical studies in western medicin, Bodyfeet Rapperswil , Switzerland

Studies for Shiatsu Therapy, International Academy for Hara Shiatsu, Vienna

Studies in european and mediterranen History, studies for Far Eastern Art, classical Archeology, Philosophical Faculty, University Zurich

Further Studies
Supervision from 2014 - now SE Dr. Peter A. Levine
Superivison from 2015 - now Shiatsu Peter Itin, Micheline Pfister, Doris Spörri

2022 - Trauma & Addiction, Dr. P. Levine, Dr. Gabor Maté
2021 - Short-term, solution-focused Mediation, Dr. Marco Ronzani
2020 - Resolution of Toxic Conflicts, Dr. med. Godehard Stadtmüller
2020 - Humor and Laughter in Therapy, Dr. med. M&H Schröder
2020 - solution-oriented conflictmanagement, Dr. iur Marco Ronzani
2019 - first aid for traumatized children in scool, Dr. Ayelet De-Picciotto
2018 - Special Meridian Treatments Shiatsu, Micheline Pfister
2017 - non violent communication - leading group process, Dr. R. Bänteli
2016 - first aid for traumatized children, Dr. Ayelet De-Picciotto
2016 - butoh-Noguchitaiso, Alexander Technik, Imre Thormann

2015 - seminar SE: aggression, depression and vitality Dr. Peter A. Levine
2015 - seminar SE: chronical pain, Dr. Norman Farb, Dr. Maggie Phillips
2013 - shiatsu specialized in the topic of trauma, Meike Kockrick
2013- shiatsu beyond - Quantum Shiatsu acording to Pauline Sasaki, G.Polli
2012 - repetition streching, rotation, positionchanges, L. Hanschin
2012 - work with the joins, L. Hanschin
2011 - babymassage-Leadership IAIM, swiss assotiation for babymassage
2010 - children acupunctur, aceki e.V., Vienna, Thomas Wernike

Since my return to Switzerland
Selfemployed as Somatic Experiencing Therapist since 2017
Selfemployed as Shiatsu-Therapist since 2013
Manager optimizing internal companystructurs Praxis Genki
Shiatsu & SE & Massage Therapist at Praxis Genki, Zurich
Commercial employe and Manager from Medpraxis GmbH, Zug

During the studyperiod in Vienna, Austria
Assistant for handicapped persons, assistant teacher at integrativ Montessori-school for children and teenagers, Tea-specialist

During the studytime in Switzerland

Museal educationist, speziaclist for archeological and special exhibition in the national museum of switzerland and other museum in Zurich

Responsible for wellbeing of the visitors and guests

Member of the securityguard of the museum

Librarian assistance in the arthistorical library, university of Zurich

Imprint: Responsible for design and content.

Sfin. Gren, Bergstrasse 4, 8810 Horgen, Switzerland, contact@sfingren.ch

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