Somatoempathic Awarenss Training

Somatoempathic Meditation Training

At the moment i'm offering specially 1:1 somatoempathic meditation trainings for those who do not have the time for courses, or still want to learn in a bit more private space. Im glade to wellcome you. Book now a session, also possible to combine with Shiatsu or other treamtents.

Session 45 Min CHF 99.-

Session 75 Min CHF 180.- inkl. Shiatsu

Upcoming workshops, seminars, & courses

I offer my experienced knowledge in "Emotional Regulation and Resilience Training" workshops. We mainly focus on bringing the different aspects of awareness/perception and the inner reaction on it, like; emotionalstate, thoughts, inner images, movements, body sensations together and learn how to rebalance the coherent existence in our self after a challanging lifeexperiences. 

The aim of the workshops is:

To strengthen healthy intrapersonal as well as interpersonal contact

To empower selfregulation during conflilcts and to maintain strong relationships

To promote clear conecting communication

To strengthen the ability to sustain bodysensation and relate them to their origin

To develope a secure handling with unconfortable emotions - emotional selfmanagement

To strengthen resilience and Empowerment by reducing mental compulsions and obstructive  beliefsystems (dogmas)

The groups are held at Bergstrasse 4 8810 Horgen in smal reunions 8-10 People.