Somatic experience 

A body-oriented way of processing  Trauma

Session 60Min - CHF 144.-, 70Min CHF 168.-

Somatic experience is a trauma therapy method founded by Peter A. Levine. It is used for treating traumatic nervous tension which is stored in the body after overwhelming experiences, as well as to resolve pain and vegetative-emotional overreactions.

The human organism is capable of returning to a natural, living state of relaxation and healing after intensive traumatic experiences by self-regulation.

Trauma therapy is applied when a person has the ground pulled out from under them, when healthy orientation is lost or someone is no longer themselves because of fear or immobility.

It is applied to encourage relaxed emotional expressions in order to promote the ability to better deal with challenges and to mobilise people to solidify or to reduce hyperactivity.

Post-traumatic stress disorders can arise when natural self-regulation has no chance to process the experience adequately.

This includes

Impaired concentration/nervousness




Forgetfulness/increased fright reactions

Immobility of the muscular apparatus

Emotional insensibility/tantrums

Despair/feeling of untouchability/numbness


Undefinable pain

Relationship difficulties

Difficulty breathing/indigestion


In a somatic experience session, the nervous system is helped to reduce unnecessary overactive reactions to outer stimulus and to react to overwhelming situations in a suitable way in the here and now.

It serves to resolve coupling with traumatic memories and to allow old patterns of behaviour to be replaced by new forms of interaction.

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Trauma therapy is effective in

Being able to be binding in relationships

Recognising self-value

Experiencing healthy, binding boundaries

Regaining self-regulation

Resiliency as an ability to adequately deal with challenges

Increase the ability to cope with unpleasant emotions

Strengthen the ability to maintain space for yourself and others

The ability to stay in touch with yourself and others in unpleasant situations

Overwhelming experiences can be

The loss of a loved one after a divorce, death, job loss etc.

Environmental disasters

Ongoing stress - with fear of losing your job, for example



Accidents such as car accidents, sports accidents, etc.

Sexual assault

Violent experiences

Bosing / Mobing - humiliation