Storyteller offers

  1. Do you need a storyteller for special themed events?
  2. Do you need a speaker who recounts the beautiful moments of a loved one, on a special occasion, in an entertaining story?

  3. Would you like to give someone a speech of honour for their achievements and prefer a lively narrative instead of a sombre speech? Then you have come to the right place.

Seasonal parties

In kindergartens

Birthday parties with fantasy stories

A story-telling evening with friends

Ritual-related celebration

In a short email or by phone, you can tell me about the topic and focus you would like a story on and I will put together an offer.




In a short preliminary meeting, I will note the life events of the person and create a speech for you which I will present at your event for the person to be honoured or tell their life story.

Storytelling as the art of healing

Storytelling as the art of healing makes use of the fact that a story enables people to enter a kind of trance state in which they can relax and absorb content even more deeply. In doing so, ill-judged beliefs or patterns of thought are addressed, resolved, and expanded.

The task of a story

In their original context, stories were used to recall the life experiences of older generations of the younger ones and convey their norms and values.

They were used to pass on knowledge, to initiate thought processes, to show new behaviours, to create hope, or to offer solutions.

Stories still help us to absorb and understand knowledge and to make it easier to remember ways of life, experiences, and the life principles that are conveyed in them.

Often the method of storytelling in universities and higher technical colleges is applied precisely because of this.

Storytelling, however, serves not only to preserve ways of life and experience, but also the respect and appreciation of the achievements and acts of people. These freely narrated stories have a connecting character.

Storytelling promotes the ability to listen, be attentive, and focused, which is very important in our visually fast-paced time.

My development

When I was in Year 3 in primary school, I had the opportunity to write a play for a performance for my class. This was the impetus of my enthusiasm to write fantasy stories and to throw myself into the world of symbols of myths, legends, fairy tales, and history. What wisdom do these sources reveal to us?

While studying history, I worked as a museum guide in various museums in Zurich and passed on the historical stories in museum pedagogic projects to visitors. Later I deepened my knowledge of season-oriented orientated stories and fairy tales, which I as a storyteller in a kindergarten could give to children on their life journey.

Now I present the life knowledge which shows itself in the form of metaphors in legends, myths, and fairy tales to people for special occasions.